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We are highly experienced and have been successfully dealing with mould problems throughout Sussex for over 13 years. In most cases once we have treated the area as long as maintenance of future mould spores is contained the mould infestation will be stopped in its tracks.


We use very effective treatment that kills and removes the mould and offers long-term protection against re-growth of mould, lichens and algae. After the treatment has dried, if required, the area can be over-coated with most conventional paints. We recommend over-coating with specially formulated paint that is proven to provide long-term protection from mould re-growth and is designed to stop contamination and discoloration. We can provide advise, supply the paint and carry out the painting.


Once we have completed the treatment the result is a mould-free home that is then safe and healthy for its inhabitants and landlords are free from the fear of prosecution.­


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Mould Removal Treatment For Residential And Commercial Properties 

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